Chilean, (hopefully) future vet, traveller and an insane dog-lady. / Chilena, (con algo de suerte) futura veterinaria, viajera y una loca por los perros.

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This is a two-headed albino milksnake [x]. Each head has a brain and able to control over the shared body, causing difficulty in movement. Luckily, they shared the same stomach, snakes with separate stomachs will often fight and bite each other over the prey if one head has prey in its mouth.

In the wild, two-headed snake lifespan may be restricted significantly for they cannot escape predators well but despite this, two-headed snakes can lived up to 20 years in captivity.

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This year at the RVC we had an artist in residence called Geoff Harrison. He’s done a selection of drawings and paintings for college (some here) and ran art workshops throughout the year. I went to one where we studied skeletons and bones before producing watercolours. It was really fun and was a nice break from the sciencey veterinary world!

My favourite painting is the one of Bonnie and Viper snoozing as this is all they ever do in practicals when we are trying to palpate them or test their reflexes!